Individually we are One Drop, Together we are an Ocean

A charitable NFT art auction hosted by the Open Earth Foundation
which raised funds for marine conservation.


You can continue to support our initiative!

You can still become an OceanDrop guardian with a Triton NFT or donate today! Collect your Triton today and protect the seas.

Triton on DoinGudDonate

OceanDrop’s mission was to collaborate with people with a passion to help the ocean. Through 23 NFTs, a carbon offset event and collaboration, $130,000 was raised for the Open Earth Foundation to launch their new marine conservation initiative in 2022! These funds will support the research and deployment of blockchain based and digital solutions for improved management and protection of the world’s oceans.

We thank the artists, partners and community for their continued support in our mission and support for OceanDrop.

Our Mission

Supporting Ocean Conservation

OceanDrop helped launch a new ocean conservation initiative and its first pilot supporting the expansion of the Cocos Island Marine Sanctuary in Costa Rica. Watch to see the positive impact the Open Earth Foundation will make on the ocean.

As the ocean makes waves, so too does the genesis story of the OceanDrop. From grief to good,  the Dolphin Commemorative NFT will have an everlasting impact protecting the ocean and its inhabitants.

The Genesis Story

OceanDrop NFTs

Partnering with PORTL Hologram, collectors had a chance to get their hands on a PORTL Epic to show their collection of NFTs as holograms!

With bids over $300K NFTs came with the latest and greatest way to show off your NFTs.


Who is the Open Earth Foundation?

The Open Earth Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit based in California, USA.

When is OceanDrop happening?

December 3 – 7, 2021

Where will the NFTs drop?

On SuperRare, DoinGud and OpenSea.

What type of carbon offsets are being used?

Base Carbon Tonnes (BCT) will be used to offset 500 CO2e tons. BCTs are the token that underpins the carbon supply locked within the KlimaDAO treasury, required to create new KLIMA tokens. They are specially retired and subsequently brought on-chain via the Toucan Bridge. BCTs can be any type of Verified Carbon Unit (VCU) from the Verra Carbon Registry from 2008 vintages onwards, and are independent of project type (e.g. forestry carbon offsets, renewable energy carbon offsets or methane capture offsets, and so on). Hence, each BCT represents 1 tonne of carbon dioxide abated or mitigated from the Voluntary Carbon Markets. As a core piece of the KlimaDAO ecosystem, BCTs, BCT/KLIMA LPs and BCT/USDC LPs can be bonded with the KlimaDAO treasury in return for discounted KLIMA tokens.

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a non-fungible token. It is a form of cryptocurrency which preserves its uniqueness and characteristics. NFTs can come in many forms, the most popular being in art form, where owning an NFT is akin to owning digital artwork that has been signed by the artist.

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